Marketing Agencies vs Doing it yourself

There are many benefits to having a marketing agency take care of your business. With Christchurch Marketing Agencies, managing your business' marketing is something that takes up a lot of your time and doing it yourself is something to be considered. Keep reading to see what marketing agencies can offer you.

Marketing Agencies vs Doing it Yourself

Marketing Agencies D.I.Y
Keywords to determine what will reach your target market. Spending time trying to tag your products.
Meta Data for individual pages. Spending time trying to navigate every page to edit the meta data.
Tracking and analytics for URL's, unique tracking and unique landing pages. Slow performance & loading Speed.
High quality content, images & assets. Paywall access to assets.
On hand designers & writers. Lack of content updates & more time spent writing content.
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The Benefits of a Marketing Agency

The benefits of hiring a marketing agency can be pretty obvious, having a whole marketing team for your company without spending a lot of your budget on hiring is a clear benefit.

When you hire an agency, you get access to a team of designers, writers and more to help you with your marketing strategies.

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D.I.Y Marketing

There can be benefits in approaching marketing with a D.I.Y attitude, it can save in overall costs, give you slightly more control over your workflow and what you want to be done.

A D.I.Y approach however does have its downfalls and that is obviously time. Marketing requires a decent amount of time and upkeep. If you are running a business especially one that requires you to be hands on you understand time is money.

So that is the consideration when looking at taking the D.I.Y approach.

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In conclusion, a marketing agency offers a huge pool of resources so hiring an agency can give your business access to this at a fraction of the cost.

The D.I.Y approach is time consuming but offers a lot more control over how you handle your marketing, tag products and more. It does require a lot of upkeep and for you to have an understanding of Design, SEO & Meta Data.

For clear communication on your brand, website design and hosting Breeze Marketing can offer you that pool of resources to your business, so if you’re unsure about where to start give us a call or email us.


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