Why Facebook Ads are so effective!

There are many reasons Why Facebook Ads are so effective, in this post we will run you through the main reasons why Facebook Ads are so effective. For more information about Facebook Ads, in general, you can view the Facebook Ads info from Facebook here.

If you haven’t tried Facebook Ads before we can guarantee most industries can benefit from advertising on Google, contact us to see how we can help you today.

Most of the population is on Facebook

80% of Internet users use Facebook, even 65% of adults over 65, that use the internet, have a Facebook account. Regardless of who your customers are most of them will be using Facebook and most of them use it at least once a day. There is not one platform whether it be Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing where if executed properly you will get you Ad in front of your ideal prospect or client.

Targeting Audiences

Facebook knows more about each individual user than their closes family or friend. When you sign up with Facebook most people ender their personal details including where they live, date of birth, education, occupancy, relationship status and more. But it doesn’t end there, as soon as you start joining groups, reading posts, clicking on links even when you slow down to read a post or watch a video, Facebooks algorithm is tracking every bit of data.

This enables the advertiser to specifically target an audience not only by gender, location, occupancy, marital status or age. You can choose what interests they have or what their online behavior is.


Facebook is most certainly one of the cheapest forms of marketing if you are looking at cost per click or placement. If you put together a campaign in detail, the correct way and continue modifying your campaign with the insights you are given whilst monitoring your return on investment Facebook is potentially the most affordable form of advertising on the planet today.


Like all forms of Digital Marketing, Facebook Ads are measurable. The data and insights Facebook provide on your Ads are granular. You can look at each element of your campaign to see what areas need work and what areas are not achieving your goals. You will see how many impressions, clicks, and conversions you are receiving providing you have set up your Facebook tracking pixel.

Multiple Goal Options

When you setup a Facebook campaign, the first thing to decide is what your goal is. Here are some of the options;

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach the most people in your chosen area
  • Download your App
  • Get people to visit your website
  • Build your email database
  • Receive Facebook Messages
  • Get people to engage with your page (like, follow, share, comment)
  • Video Views
  • Purchase a product
  • and more

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