What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping ads are an ideal way to market your products from your online shop or eCommerce store. You simply set up a connection between your store and Google Ads. That enables Google Shopping can sync your products, pricing, images, availability and more. When someone searches for a product that you sell, instead of seeing just text ads, Google will pull a selection of shopping ads for the searcher.

The shopping ad displayed to the searcher will include an image, product title, price and website name. This gives searchers the ability to visually compare products before even clicking through to any website.

These types of ads are normally clicked on 300% more than standard Google Search Ads or Organic Links. The searcher can visually see what they are looking for, with more information about the specific product.

Similar to a Marketplace

Google has been perfecting its Shopping Search over the last few years. They have delivered a product similar to TradeMe, or any other online marketplace, straight from the Google Search bar that we all know. Giving the searcher more options to choose from and preventing the need to have to go through to websites similar to TradeMe, or visiting numerous websites to find the product they are looking for. This shortens the customer journey.

A major benefit to you here is, as soon as the searcher/shopper clicks on your product, they are sent directly to your website to make the purchase.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Smart Shopping Ads

But it doesn’t stop there. Smart Shopping Campaigns, if enabled, will also use your shopping ads to display your ads in display ads, YouTube Ads and in Gmail. Targetting people that have already viewed your product or similar products on the internet.

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