What are Google Search Ads?

Google Search Ads are the most commonly know Google Ads product, formally known as Google AdWords. It’s the method of choice to have your Ad display at the top of Google for any given keyword. These ads will be displayed above the organic search results and they can be identified by the green Ad label to the left of the text.

Google Search Ads

How Google Ads Work

You choose what keywords you want to use for your specific Ad, each keyword will have a different bid price, dependant on the competition. The bid price is the cost each time someone clicks on your Ad. Google will take this amount out of your pre-loaded Google Ad budget. You can set the limit you would like to spend each day so your spending doesn’t go out of control.

Say you had a $20 daily limit and your average cost per click bid is $2, once you get 10 clicks on that day your Ads will stop showing.

How do you measure your Ads

Google will give you advanced reporting into each of your campaigns and keywords. If you have conversions set up you can see how much you spent in a given period to how many conversions you have had.

For example;

  • You spent $100 last week and 30 people converted
  • This means you paid $3.33 per conversion
  • Your conversion could be; Sent you an Email, Called you, Visited a certain page, spent a certain amount of time on your website, viewed a certain number of pages or purchased a product.

If you are selling products online you can even get a $ value figure for your conversions.

For example;

  • You spent $100 last week and made 6 sales totaling $800

This way you can track your return on investment and ensure that Google Search Ads is bringing in revenue.

Improving Campaigns

Reviewing reports is an important task to ensure you can make improvements where needed. Google will tell you;

  • How many times your Ad has been seen
  • The number of clicks your Ad has received
  • Number of conversions your Ad received

Therefore, if your Ad was seen 10,ooo times and only clicked on once, you may need to review the ad text to make sure it’s relevant and appealing for the searcher to want to click on it.

Say you had 100 clicks but only 1 conversion, you would be reviewing your website. Ensuring it matches your Ad and that it’s easy for searchers to navigate and find what they are looking for.

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