Top 5 Considerations When Choosing a Web Designer

Are you looking to hire a designer? Building a website? Here are our top 5 considerations when choosing a web designer.


Web Designer

Project Scope

The first thing to consider when hiring a web designer is what you want for your website. Make sure you layout what you need, static assets? Do you need them to write the website’s code?

If your website constantly requires updates like new posts, you can consider building your website on a platform like WordPress.

Make sure you look into the designer’s format. In other words, look into the assets and content they create suits your needs and works with the platforms you are working with.

Website Compatability

A reasonable consideration when hiring a web designer is device compatibility. When looking over portfolios, check the websites against a computer and phone to see if their designs scale. 

If the website scales correctly and the designs suit all devices, this can be a good point for your website. Creating multiple platforms websites will reach more people and potential customers.


Web Designer


Web Designer

Modular Assets

Are you able to edit assets? Reasonable consideration is getting modular assets, graphics and code that you can template and re-use. Re-usability and templates are great ways to create new content.

When looking for a web designer, you have to consider if their assets are static and rigid or modular and flexible. An example is if the designer uses styling frameworks, A CMS Platform or as simple as using SVG files over PNG.


A consideration when hiring a designer is hosting. If you’re hiring a designer to build you a website, do you need that website hosted? If you do not have your hosting or want to transfer hosting, make sure the designer can manage that.

Another consideration is can the designer, if they are hosting your site, offer panel access to your website? Again, if you want to be hands-off with your website, that’s fine, but consider how much you will want to access and change your website.


Man Graphic


Woman Graphic

Art Style

When hiring a designer, checking over their work for a general style is a good idea.

Good designers will bring to life what you have envisioned in your head. Art styles can be found even in web design. Therefore, it’s good to check their work to see if their plans suit your needs and style when hiring a designer.


In conclusion, when hiring a Web Designer in Christchurch you should look over portfolios, see if their art style matches what you are looking for and make sure you know what type of assets/content they can provide for you and your website.

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