Helping kiwi businesses through COVID-19

Breeze Sites is a product from Breeze Marketing to help businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 in New Zealand.
If your business is mainly ‘bricks and mortar’ or your monthly website fees are too high, Breeze Sites is designed to get you online or keep you online.

What is Breeze Sites?

Breeze Marketing Sites is a similar product to WIX or Shopify but designed to be quicker to set up, cost you less, one-to-one help, and has the option to scale once your business has recovered from the impact caused by COVID-19. Because we are based in New Zealand you also have full support locally. We are providing assistance and support to help you get setup in no-time.

We are working on creating a more in-depth educational video series that you can follow to get set up. In the meantime we have a video tutorial running you through the process, just follow that and you will have a website up and running in no time we also have one-on-one support so you know you won’t get stuck.

Web-design and development
Web building

What do you get?

We use WordPress as your websites content management system, WordPress is a platform used by developers world-wide ranging from one-page portfolios to huge eCommerce or online stores. Over 30% of the websites on the internet are built on WordPress, so you know you are using a reliable tool that has no limitations.

If you have used WordPress before you are probably thinking of how hard it was to navigate, make changes and use and as WordPress is mainly built for developers, here at Breeze Marketing we have simplified the backend and made it easy for you to make your website. We sort out the technical stuff, you just point, click, change and publish.

Breeze Marketing sites will work for any type of freelancer, tradie, and hospo business but we have speciffically designed this to be capable of selling products online. Yes, this website comes with a fully functional shop. It’s so easy that you could have a functioning shop with only a couple of  hours of work.


$0 Setup Fee

$0 Transaction Fees

*Transaction fees apply for online payments with the payment processor

$0 Website Theme/Template

* Transaction fees apply for online payments with the payment processor

That’s right, we genuinely want to help businesses during this time and will not be charging for the above services. However, there is a monthly hosting fee starting from $15 per month, but that is not a catch, should you have a hosting provider elsewhere we will provide you the same service, just with another hosting provider. We would prefer if you were to host it with us in return for providing a free option to get online.

This product is solely for businesses affected by the impact of coronavirus or for startups that have become unemployed because of the pandemic. There is a lot of involvement on our end to set these websites up, Breeze Marketing will be providing this service free of charge, we can, at anytime ask for evidence that you have been affected by the coronavirus and at our discretion can refuse your application.

What’s the catch or how does Breeze Marketing gain from this?

Breeze Marketing was set up with an innovative business model with relatively low overheads and the ability to carry out all business functions from any location, this has enabled us to provide such assistance for businesses who are not so lucky.

Our vision by offering this service is to grow our community and to help businesses at this time and form relationships with business owners such as yourself. When our economy returns back to normal and your business grows we hope that Breeze Marketing will be first on your mind when looking at outsourcing your Digital Marketing.

We do however charge a monthly hosting fee from $15 per month to ensure we can keep our servers secure, up to date and running around the clock.

Business Vision

Limitations? What limitations?

There are no limitations on the revenue you can make, orders you can accept, contacts you can collect, pages your allowed, or the amount or products you can have.

There are however data space limitations on the $15 hosting plan. 2GB of data is more than enough to have multiple pages, a handful of images and a stack of products.

Unless you have hundreds of products, the simple layout we have designed with your data and products will be less than 2GB, if you have any questions just get in touch.

Let’s Compare

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Wix (without shop)Wix (with Shop)ShopifyBreeze Marketing Sites
PlanComboBusiness BasicShopify BasicFull Access
Monthly Cost$15 (NZD Approx)$30 (NZD Approx)$50 (NZD Approx)$15
Transaction FeesN/ANoFrom 2%No
Staff AccountsNoNoLimit 2Unlimited
Unlimited Products & PagesYesYesYesYes
Discount CodesN/AYesYesYes
Free SSLYesYesYesYes
Abandoned Cart RecoveryN/AYesYesYes
Advanced ReportsNot on this PlanNot on this PlanNot on this PlanYes
You own the WebsiteNoNoNoYes
PlatformClosedClosedClosedOpen Source
NZ Owned BusinessNoNoNoYes
Account ManagerNoNoNoYes
Trial PeriodNoNo14 – Days1 – Month

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