As and when needed service to manage all your Social Channels

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Managing all your Social Channels taking over your life?

Let Breeze Marketing step in! If you have a huge following but you’re not finding the time to create meaningful posts, simply out of ideas, have no strategy whatsoever and find yourself posting cat memes, unless your target market is specifically cat lovers then chances are you find Social Media time consuming with little return.

Social Media

At Breeze Marketing we know how to create a strategy that is measurable, plan content and promotions, find out the perfect engagement time for your following, schedule posts, post on multiple platforms with content that is not cropped terribly or cut short and provide reporting with comparison to show that the effort is worth the input, if you know how.

We don’t just focus on one of your channels, we can take care of your whole process, put your Social Media on autopilot with Breeze Marketing.

At Breeze Marketing we value your business and are driven by your results. As we charge by the hour instead of per service, it’s in our best interest to be as efficient as possible ensuring we keep a strong ongoing relationship. To help deliver you outstanding service we use highly automated systems to prevent us spending hours on small tasks.