Our Difference

We charge per hour, not by management fee

We manage your Instagram Ads campaign and charge by the hour. Keeping our services honest.

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads, a platform owned by Facebook allows you to easily push your ads from Facebook through to Instagram, however, this isn’t always best practice. Instagram is a different social platform focusing mainly on images with different features. Instagram is a very powerful marketing platform, but it’s not for every business. Ensuring you are promoting relevant and good quality ads can help your business reach it’s goals.

Instagram Ads

How we manage Instagram Ads Compared to other Agencies

Focus on Instagram as an individual platform.

Where most agencies just duplicate the Facebook Ad onto Instagram, we start from square one and come up with separate goals, content and strategy to leverage the most out of the Instagram Platform.

How we charge.

Because we charge an hourly rate for Instagram Ads management you know exactly whats going on and getting your value for money. Other agencies tend to charge a fixed management fee regardless of how long they are spending on managing your campaigns.

When things get tight.

We all know that business can change in an instant, the next crisis could be around the corner, the tax is due, or it may just be the quiet season. No matter what challenge you are facing because we charge by the hour and have no fixed contracts, when things get tough you know that you can adjust your aim and focus less on any service for a month or two. Instagram Ads are designed to be switched on and off as you please without effecting your ranking. We believe you should be able to do this whenever you want.

Ongoing management.

Like Facebook, Instagram Ads can build your following quickly and ensure you mainly have relevant followers in your Target Audience, these followers also need ongoing engagement to keep you front of mind when they are in the buying stage. Ensuring you are constantly keeping up with this engagement is another service we provide with our Social Management Service with our service you can combine both services under our Monthly Digital Package.

Video Content

If you have, or are able to put together some videos, we can promote these as part of the marketing campaign. If you don’t have the time to make videos, we can help here too. Our affordable Video Marketing Service can create all sorts of videos for different platforms, all included in hourly services, no hidden production costs.

Instagram Ad Spend/Budget

Your Instagram Ads budget can be changed with just a few clicks, we can also have one budget for both Facebook and Instagram Ads with various ratios. If you want to spend less over the holidays or crank it up for a certain occasion we believe you should have this flexibility. We will advise what your ideal spend should be for your campaign to make a return on investment but from there you can turn it up or scale it back whenever suits you.


The most important part of your Instagram Ad Management should be understanding the reports you are sent, if you have no idea what the numbers on the report means how do you know if you are making money from your campaign. That’s why we have spent time making simple reports that show you exactly what’s happening. Part of our reporting system is ensuring that we talk through the results with you to guarantee you know what’s going on, after all we are the Marketing Experts but you are the industry expert in your business.

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