One Page Website Design



Breeze Marketing One Page Website Design

The Breeze Marketing One Page Website Design, also known as a Parallax Website is an entry level option to get youself a professionally designed website. If your on a budget, don’t have enough content for a full website or jusn needing a landing page our one page website is tor you.

Easily scalable!

When the time comes and you want to expand to a multiple page website we can scale your one page website and make it a multi page website so you can keep the same design, look and feel that your customers already know.

Our promise

If you are not happy with the website we design for you, we will start again from scratch until we get it right.

Free Extras

Our Web Design Packages come with some added goodies, heres what you will get;

  • 10% off our Digital Packages for any one off service or ongoing Digital Marketing Service
  • 3 Months of Free Managed Business Website Hosting
  • A Free Domain Name for 12-Months
  • Free Google MyBusiness Setup
  • Free Facebook Page
  • Free Google Analytics Setup
  • Monthly Website Stats
  • On-Page SEO

The Process

Complete the online order or get in touch to arrange an onboarding meeting we will also choose a hosting package that will suit your website.

Choose from one of our pre-made layouts that will suit your website.

We will then provide you access to our Drop portal where you can upload any images, brochures, pdf, logos or any other documents that will help us build your site. We can take images from your social media pages, but they normally downsize the images, so if you have the originals they can be much better.

For us to get the design and layout of your website right we will send you a short questionare, this includes basic layout preferances along with collecting information on the focus of you business and what you want the website to acheive that help us design the right website for you. This can be done interactivally or one to one website strategy session in person, online or over he phone.

If you need some fresh images and are based around Christchurch we can even come out and take some photos for you.

Once we have built you website we will send you a link so you can have a look at what we have. We can do unlimited revisions and you have our promise that if your not satisfied we will go back to Step 3. One of our core values is to build a lasting relationship, getting this right is imperitive to starting or maintaining our relashionship.

Once everything is in order we will do a final quality check on your website and make sure it works as it should on all devices and test all the contact forms and other functions of the website. We will make sure that Search Engines can pickup your website, following best practices and make sure that the Analytical Reporting methods are all seup.

We are good to go! If you don’t have a domain name, we will include one for free for the first year. We will also ensure you have all the email addresses needed setup on all your devices, should you want to use the free email hosting provided if your hosting package.

Additional Information

If you are after any custom functionality, intergrations or features we can look at these for you. Talk to us to discuss these prior to the website project, otherwise we are happy to add these at any point in the future.


We reccomend our managed hosting packages for our websites to keep everything up to date, however you may opt for one of our standard hosting packages. We highly recommend getting us to update everything from time to time but you will have the option of getting full access to the website content management system to carry out these updates yourself. Learn more about the content management system access here.