Our Managed Hosting Packages

Giving you peace of mind Our Managed Hosting Packages take care of your Website. Have you ever noticed how ofter you have to update a modern phone or television. It’s to release new security updates to keep your data safe. Modern websites are the same! You need to update the platform, the website structure and the various plugins that help make our website look and function as it does.

With our managed hosting package, we ensure everything is up to date and current with the latest search engine criteria and security requirements.

How we do this

Firstly, we backup your website manually to make sure we have the current working version of your website. Then, we will make a copy of the site where nobody can find it. All updates will be completed on the hidden site. Once that’s done we will test the hidden site to ensure everything works as it should. Once we have made sure all the updates are done and everything is working as it should we will make the changes on your live website with the full knowlage that there will be no issues. You won’t even notice that we have done anything but you will know that your website is current, secure and up to date.

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