Neighbourly Premium Free for 3-months

Want to get a listing on Neighbourly Premium Free for 3-months? Why wouldn’t you, it’s free!

What is Neighbourly?

Neighbourly is a free and private neighbourhood website that allows you to easily meet and interact with your neighbours and community. More and more kiwis are using the social platform to find services, businesses and announcements in their local area.

They focus on providing local listings, classified and services to people in your are, making the content more relevant to the user.

“Neighbourly’s mission is to use the power of technology to build stronger and safer neighbourhoods, and ultimately more face to face interactions and connections between neighbours.”

How can I get on Neighbourly?

  1. Firstly head over to and create your Personal Account.
  2. Once you have that all setup, you can add your business using the following link:
  3. From there just follow the setup stages, adding you business information/

Getting the 3-Months Free Premium Features

After you have your business setup, on your main business page you will see the upgrade button.

Choose “Get 3 Month FREE” and follow the steps to get started.

Need a hand to get the most out of your Listing

Let us take care of you. We can take care of the complete setup for you, including;

  • Correct Logo & Banner Sizes
  • Artwork creation
  • Add all your business information
  • Creating you call to action
  • Adding your Products or Services
  • Get you started with your first few posts

I want Breeze Marketing to help me setup my listing.