A question we normally get asked is Does building a new website effect my SEO Ranking?

So, does building a new website affect my SEO Ranking? If you were to build a new website from scratch with no SEO plan, then most certainly your website will be re-indexed by Google. This will end up sending you back to square one! Having to build up credibility with your new content and website. Most agencies might offer to set up a 301 redirect, which means your old links will forward to the new ones on your new website. This helps but you will still see a drop in ranking. But that is only part of what you can do.

At Breeze Marketing, we know the importance of SEO and how to ensure you lose the least ranking places possible when building a new website. When designing a new website to replace an older one this is a conversation we think needs to be had before structuring and building your new website.

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Our Process for keeping rankings when building a new website!

Because we don't believe in secrets, we are more than happy to share what we do to maintain your ranking at best we can.

  • Firstly we will do an SEO Ranking Report on your website. This is the most important part so we can monitor the progress after the website is live.
  • We will take note of all your header tags and focus keywords. So we can ensure the same ones are used.
  • We make a list of all current pages on your site and the URL structure. This means we can either use the same or ensure these links are still active.
  • We always use a temporary URL when creating your website. Just so your old website can hold it's ranking while we get everything sorted before going live.
  • Once we have cloned the URL structure we just double check to ensure there are no broken links.
  • Then we make sure we do a 301 Redirect as needed.
  • Once we finish the design we switch to the new website ensuring there is minimum downtime.
  • We then run Google Webmaster Tools to triple check everything is as it should be.
  • Once Verified we re-submit your website.
  • We make sure that your robot.txt file is still working, this is a file that talks to Google robots so they understand your site.
  • We will ensure the sitemap is submitted to update the new structure
  • Then we monitor changes, comparing your previous ranking and ensuring that nothing drops too low. As soon as we notice something dropping we look into ways to improve the page and keywords to stop that page from dropping further.

If you want to look at getting Breeze Marketing to build your new website without losing your ranking, talk to us today!