Website Audit & Marketing Review by Breeze Marketing

We provide a free basic website Audit or an in depth analysis review for your Digital Strategy.

Free Basic Website Review

Our free website review gives you an indication on what areas of your website needs improvement. We take a look at;

  • Website Speed & Performance
  • Security
  • SEO
  • Customer Journey

Full in-depth Digital Analysis

We will review your website or marketing campaign in person, as well as doing some automated checks we physically look through your website or digital campaign allowing us to tailor our reviews according to your business. Mainly looking at customer interactions or your customer journey to generate a personalised report for your business. We also look at;

  • SEO or Ranking Performance
  • Content Score
  • SEO Link Report
  • User Experience Checks
  • Website Speed
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Code Validation
  • Overall Quality Score Check
  • User Metrics (If you are able to provide us Google Analytics Access)
  • Sitemap Optimisation
  • Security Checks
  • Ad Campaign Spend
  • Advertising Account Structure
  • Digital Ad Audience Check
  • Ad Campaign Quality

How we deliver our report

Breeze Marketing provide you with a full in-depth report along with suggestions on how to improve areas of your website or campaign, we are also more than happy and would recommend a virtual meeting to run through the report to ensure you understand each area of the report and the suggested improvement.

Our Full reviews include a complementary 45-Min Strategy Session in person or virtually helping you understand how you can improve each point.