Our Website Content Management System

At Breeze Marketing we have out very own Website Content Management System, based on WordPress. If you have ever used WordPress before you will already know it’s a powerful CMS Content Management System. There are a number of features and setting there, that you will probably never use.

These features are mainly there to make everything work in the background, but just clutter the dashboard up for you.

We like to make things easy for you and we have modified the backend to have a more simple approach. When you log in you will only see the options to add or change the content on the website. We hide all the technical stuff you don’t need. Giving you confidence if you hit the wrong button you won’t break everything.

With our CMS you will have complete access to everything you need and only what you need.

Option to Access More

At Breeze Marketing there are no secrets or restrictions, so if you were a bit more tch-savvy we can give you increased access, or even full access. We only hide all these features from you to make it simpler to use.